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Continuous Community

A book and a learning space focused on The Continuous Community Framework to equip community builders with the skills to build communities with impact and valuable outputs.

An introduction...

Community. Never. Stops. 💨

For better or worse, our efforts to build community needs to be continuous. The moment we stop, our communities start to wither.The Continuous Community Framework is being developed by Rosie Sherry based on experience from 15+ years of building communities and 5 years of deep community research.
It comes at a time when we need better models to guide us through the journey of building a community.

Stage 1

Community Discovery

You don't just build community. You research, discover needs and start to make sense of your ecosystem.

Stage 2


Conversations are at the heart of community building. Community would not be the same without them.

Stage 3


Experimentation is key to successful community building. We never know what's going to work and we must keep evolving.

Stage 4


Don't stop at experiments. Discover how to turn your community discovery, conversations and experiments into valuable outputs.

Stage 5


Community flywheels are core to every community. Appreciate and understand their existence and design community accordingly.

Stage 6


What is worth monitoring in your community and how do you know if it is going well? It's not all about the data, the outputs matter too.

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